Hey, I’m Barik!

Product designer & illustrator based in Berlin.
I specialize in UX/UI Design with solid background in print and illustration.
Finished a full-stack development training at WBS coding school.

Selected case studies

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2021 · mobile app design · livestock manager

Poultry farm app

To help small- and mid-sized farmers with day-to-day business predictions regarding expected income.

  • Full design circle from research to implementation
  • Mobile app design with dark and light schemes
  • Graphic design work
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full stack school · 2022 · front end development

Web3 frontend

Help people to track wallets (talking about NFTs) and earn money.

  • From endpoints through design to frontend and back
  • School project
  • Designers understanding developers
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2017 → 2020 · platform redesign · amboss

Redesign of platform

Complete redesign cycle: better experience, cleaner interface, improved system design, and updated mobile flows. On top of that, colleagues from other teams rewrote the backend and frontend.

  • Full design circle from research to implementation
  • Illustrative work
  • Mobile design
  • Scaling the team
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2020 → 2021 · study tool · amboss

Custom study plans

Empowering medical students to create their own study plans and structure their studies, while also providing them with recommendations for their further development.

  • Full design circle from research to implementation
  • Illustrative work
  • New feature from the scratch
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case study · 2023 · user research

User research on the app

Figure out what to develop next and ask our users for feedback.

  • In-depths user research
  • Mobile native applications
  • Planning, hiring, analysing data, personas, output for product
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